Follow this steps to get your kitchen design


Make a sketch with your kitchen layout (walls, doors, windows, obstacles….) ,and the appliances measurements

write down your preferences like:

  • Wall cabinets 42″ height
  • Base Corner with Lazy Susan
  • Pantry with Microwave in the middle of the cabinet
  • Farmer sink


Fill out the Form in the link below, I will call you to get more details about your design

text message


I will start your design and later you will receive a preliminary computer kitchen design(wall elevation) for you to review,I will modify it if necessary (one design correction)

computer kitchen design wall-elevation view


Send your payment via Zelle or paypal,and you will get an e-mail with full-color digital 3D renderings and 2D Floorplans (or Hidden Lines design ), Elevations view with measurements , drawings and Perspectives view and Floorplan ( Your design will be sent by e-mail with the images in JPG format )

computer kitchen design

We have 2 different Kitchen design service package to choose from


Here is a breakdown of what will be provided to you ….. PERSPECTIVE VIEW : 3D Image of what your space will look like – FLOORPLAN : an outline of walls, windows, and doors – ELEVATIONS : 2D views of each wall , custom cabinet design

Price: is $60 dollars (around 20 linear feet’) , any small correction after the final design will cost $10 ]


This is a more detailed than the previous design with custom countertop texture…..PERSPECTIVE VIEW : 3D Image of existing finish and door style – FLOOR PLAN : an outline of walls, windows, and doors – ELEVATIONS : 2D views of each wall….. keep in mind this Texture-with-edges design is not a photo realistic 3D rendering image,the software i use is 2020 DESIGN v 9.1 (what you see is what you’ll get, ceiling and floor will be white ) custom cabinet design

Price: $70 dollars ( for around 20 linear feet , 8′ height) , any correction after the final design will cost $10 ]